Shan Li

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Shan Li Airboy Comics.png

Wandering Mongolian minstrel from the Heap story of comic book Airboy Comics vol. 9, no. 3 (#98, April 1952). He plays a sort of double flute made of bamboo. The Heap is a weird proto-Swamp-Thing creature, part swamp, part WWI German baron. You heard me.

He challenges Okar, a local swineherd who bullies the mountain village out of their grain and gold. The locals think he can change into a giant boar, but really he just has a giant boar that does his bidding. When Okar demands a village elder's daughter (Ting Min) in marriage, Shan Li fights Okar, and gets lucky because the Heap is there to fight the boar. And when the Heap snaps the boar's neck, Okar's neck breaks too. Hmmm.

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