Señor Feeture

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International rap superstar inspired by Pitbull, as seen in Comedy Central's Kroll Show. His name is a reference both to the fact that he is a featured performer on many other artists' songs and to his foot fetish, which he is not only open about but also appears very proud of, considering it fundamental to his identity. He sports a shaved head and is generally seen in sunglasses and suits with an open-collared shirt. Though he speaks English with a strong accent suggesting an origin in Latin America, he is in fact from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which he jokingly calls "Foot Lauderdale." He is given to punctuating statements with a laugh followed by an exclamation of his own name.

He lives and works in what he refers to as a "green-screen prison" of his own design, where he can collaborate with artists around the world and appear in their music videos without leaving home by having his background digitally replaced. He appeared this way in the video for his remix of Bryan La Croix's "Ottawanna Go to Bed," which was shot in Canada. He also collaborated with Bobby Bottleservice and Peter Paparazzo in "Broin' Country."

He believes that the secret to his success is hard work.