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The Beethoven-loving, child prodigy classical pianist from the comic strip Peanuts, and the many dozens of animated Peanuts TV specials. He first appeared in the strip as a baby on May 30, 1951.

His first TV appearance was in the Peanuts' first, and now classic, TV animated special, A Charlie Brown Christmas (12/09/65), where he was voiced by Chris Doran. Schroeder was in charge of the music for the kids' Christmas pageant, but screwed around at rehearsal, playing the now trademark Peanuts song, the jazzy instrumental "Linus and Lucy" (really The Vince Guaraldi Trio), that got all the kids dancing and Snoopy jamming along on bass. He plays amazingly well, especially when you consider that the black keys on his toy piano are just painted on.

He frequently had to fend off Lucy Van Pelt, who had a crush on him.

The real question is Schroeder his last name or his first name? Apparently it is his last. His other, first name has never been revealed.