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Sali Jungle Comics.png

Sexy, Caucasian, Pied-Piper-esque figure from the Kaänga, Lord of the Jungle story of Jungle Comics #48 (December 1943). She is playing a flute (looks like an aulos) near the small African village of the "Zombali" tribe, luring young men off who don't come back. In the grand tradition of the early jungle comics, it's up to some oddly-displaced white people to solve the issue. Blonde, Tarzan-esque hero Kaänga and his "mate" Ann fight some natives and some animals before capturing Sali. Sali says she is an escaped slave. Kaänga almost believes her story that the men fought and killed each other over her, but then realizes she's kill-crazy cause she's hopped up on hashish.

The village chief kills her for murdering his son.

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