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Rockula on stage (that's Bo Diddley at the far right)

Band featured in the campy, low-budget 1990 cult horror comedy of the same name. The band features nebbishy vampire Ralph LaVie (Dean Cameron), Chuck (Susan Tyrell), and Axman (real rocker Bo Diddley in spandex). They try several genres (including country, Dixieland, and mariachi) via a classic early-'90s montage, then settle on a mix of rock and cheesoid white-boy rap. They didn't think to combine the two--it would take the Judgment Night soundtrack to do that.

Oh, and Ralph's mom is played by Toni Basil in an amazing display of overacting and costuming (corset + hula skirt = win).

At one point Ralph sees fliers for several other bands: Saint Vitus, Shel Shoc, and I'm Pregnant with Satan's Baby. Villain Stanley (New Waver Thomas Dolby!) also mentions a new age/reggae act named Marvin Gandhi and the Monkeyshines (which featured Johnny Nietzsche).