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Renee Channing

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Talented, rising singer from "The Voice of Romance" story of romance comic book Perfect Love #5 (June 1952). Trained for the opera, she ignores teacher's advice to conserve her voice, singing at veteran benefits, war bond rallies, for visiting royalty, etc. Soooo... her debut in the opera Lakmé by Léo Delibes is a spectacular flop! She loses her voice and can't sing a note. Crushed, she tries to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge into a lake, but is rescued by Dr. Bob Stanton, who takes her to see some real hard cases at the hospital, so she can see how good she really has it.

She becomes a ward regular, helping out at the hospital. One day, a TV crew comes in to film a Christmas special, and their unnamed singer falls ill, so they ask Channing to fill in. She doesn't want to, but then an injured child calls out for his mother's lullaby, and she obliges as the camera rolls. This leads to job offers, contracts, and a marriage proposal from Dr. Stanton. She returns to the opera, " ... a huge success!"

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