Red Hot Riding Hood

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The hot and spicy nightclub singer who makes all the wolves wild in a series of cartoon shorts directed by animation great Tex Avery. She's singing at nightclub the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles when the wolf sees her sing "Daddy," a 1941 hit for Danny Kaye (written by Bobby Troup).

She debuted in "Red Hot Riding Hood" (1943). She then appeared twice as "Lou" in "The Shooting of Dan McGoo" and "Wild and Woolfy" (both 1945). Also in 1945, she appeared as Swing Shift Cinderella in "Swing Shift Cinderella."

Sure, they have different names, but they're really the same person.

The wolf's reaction upon seeing her—his eyes bursting from his head—was referenced when Stanley Ipkiss sees Tina Carlyle in The Mask.

Voiced by Sara Berner, singing by Connie Russell.

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