Nick Nightingale

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Pianist and medical school dropout played by Todd Field in Stanley Kubrick's final flick, Eyes Wide Shut (1999). He runs into former med school classmate Dr. William "Bill" Harford (Tom Cruise) at a holiday party. The Seattleite was hired for the party because, in his words, "I know my Cole Porter and I work cheap."

Later, the two meet again as Nick is finishing up a gig at Greenwich Village's Cafe Sonata. Over a scotch and soda, Nick mentions to Bill that he's got another gig that night—a weird late-night gig where he plays classical music blindfolded. Bill whines at Nick until Nick tells him enough about the party to waken Bill's gate-crashing instincts. For his trouble, Nick may be killed (we never really find out for sure).

The moral: Never tell secrets to Tom Cruise. Dominic Harlan was the real fingers on the piano.