Mucho Muchacho

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From Norman Spinrad's 1987 sci-fi novel Little Heroes. A virtual rock star, or AP (artificial personality) created by record company Muzik, Inc.

His big song is "Tu Madre Tambien," Spanish for "so's your mom" and a favorite of major character Paco.

Mucho Muchacho, naked to the waist, had the leanly muscular body of a martial arts fanatic, and his bronzed hairless upper torso was filmed with oil and smudged here and there with black ash. He wore clean white and skintight cut-off jeans that outlined the bulge of a superhuman c*ck and were belted by a gunmetal chain. His feet were bare, and the only adornment of his true nobility was his great crown of hair, a central red mohawk serpent arising out of a jet black helmet of close-cropped fuzz.
Beneath this culebra de machismo, Mucho Muchacho's big brown bedroom eyes were almost angelic, but his nose and the chiseled angles of his dark brown face were mercilessly Aztec, and his mouth writhed its defiance around his perfect white teeth as he proclaimed the lyric over the insistent beat line.