Mr. Tambourine Man

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From Bob Dylan's hit song, "Mr. Tambourine Man" from his Bringing It All Back Home album, released March 22, 1965. The Byrds released their version April 12, 1965.

A strange, mystic figure, he either plays the awesomest tambourine ever, or the narrator is so drunk, high, mad, or emotionally vulnerable that it seems like the awesomest tambourine ever. The song's narrator follows Mr. Man to the beach and dances.

An unfortunate hyphenation of the song title in print as "Mr. Tambo-
urine Man" inspired band They Might Be Giants to write the song "Weep Day" (1997), about the now two distinct entities: "And it's samba time for Tambo and weep day for Urine Man."

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