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In the "Hootenanny How-Dee Dude-Dee" story of the third and last issue of Dell comic book Millie the Lovable Monster (#3, Aug-Oct 1964), sweet-tempered dragon Millie is inspired by a band on a TV show to form her own folk music band.

Since Millie is mute and only communicates via rebuses, she plays guitar while her friend Oliver the owl hoots, and her friend Nanny Goat plays banjo. Their undead pal, Goodie the Ghost, ghost-writes the music (doh). Goodie is invaluable to the band, because she/he/it haunts/blackmails/terrorizes the richest man in town, Mr. Gotrocks, into giving them whatever they want. This includes a custom-made monster-sized acoustic guitar, $1000 traveling expenses, a gig on TV, and financial backing on a movie deal.

The band is a hit after their TV gig, and they appear on Ted O'Sullivan's show (a parody of Ed Sullivan). They add two unnamed British beagles in Beatle wigs to the band, and earn a gold record. Then they get a movie deal and star in a successful Western called Hootenanny How-Dee Dude-Dee. So Mr. Gotrocks makes his money back.

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