Michael and the Dy-no-mites

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From "The Judy Cohen Story" episode (December 22, 1976) of classic African American television sitcom Good Times. Son Michael Evans (Ralph Carter) fronts a trio of older dudes to sing a doo-wop song at a talent contest at The Blue Frog. However, the Blue Frog is a bar, and Michael is only 15, so mom is quick to yank him out. Son J.J. (Jimmie Walker), the band's manager, ends up managing other contestant Judith Cohen. She sings a medley of "Be A Clown" and "Send in the Clowns" and wins the contest.

Jack Simmons (Dick Gjonola), agent for all the big stars is there, and wants to manage her. J.J. has to give up being her manager in order for her to get big with Jack, or Judy will never work in the town.

Judith Cohen plays... herself?