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Melody Dale

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From the "Sing A Song For Johnnie" story of romance comic book Career Girl Romances #27 (January 1965). She's a "Rock and Roll singer! I've cut forty discs and six of them have reached the top ten. I get more fanmail than most movie stars, my pictures appear in all the theatrical magazines and I've been on all the T.V. variety shows carried by every major network..."

Despite her fame, wealth, and the demands of recording and touring, she's attending Holster College and the De Nicola Conservatory of Music. But it's lonely at the top: she has no friends and guys never approach her thinking she's stuck-up or out of their league. She finally hijacks classmate Johnnie Reid and has him tag along with her on a typical day of singing lessons, recording, and glamour shots.

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Melody Dale
Melody Dale even impresses Beatles knock-off bands.