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The band of aliens entertaining Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. Originally Evar Orbus and His Galactic Jizz-Wailers led by Evar Orbus, Max Rebo took over after Evar Orbus died under a cloud of suspicion. Losing their gig and low on funds, they auditioned for crimelord Jabba the Hutt and got a lifetime contract. Barquin D'an, brother of Figrin D'an, joined up with the band and helped beef up their sound with additional members until it became The Rebo Twelve. Barquin later left, disgusted with Jabba's cruelty. After Jabba's death and the collapse of his criminal empire, the band eventually broke up and went their separate ways.


Sy Snootles Pa'Lowick Lowick female vocalist
Droopy McCool (Snit) Kitonak Kirdo III Chidinkalu
Barquin D'an Bith Klor'Dak VII Kloo Horn
Doda Bodanawieedo Rodian Rodia Rodian Slitherhorn
Joh Yowza Yuzzum Endor male vocalist
Rappertunie Shawda Ubb Manpha Growdi/Harmonique
Greeata Rodian Rodia backup singer
Lyn Me Twi'lek Ryloth backup singer
Rystáll near human unknown backup singer
Ak-rev Weequay Sriluur drums
Umpass-stay Klatooinan Klatooine drums

In reality, the band was originally a trio. When George Lucas rereleased his "Special Editions" of the Star Wars trilogy, he digitally inserted extra effects and aliens, including the above additional musicians. They have a CD! Well, a CD single.

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