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Maestro Cordo

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Maestro Cordo Military Comics21.jpg

Celebrated classical violinist from the fictional South American country of Argeno in the "Private Dogtag: The World's Dumbest Soldier" story of Military Comics #21 (August 10, 1943). Dogtag accidentally stomps on Cordo's valuable "Straddlevarious" violin.

Convolutedly, it turns out Straddlevarious got interested in ventriloquism before he died, and invented a gadget you could tuck in your mouth and throw your voice with. Dogtag finds the gadget after Cordo smashes what's left of his violin over Dogtag's skull. Dogtag has a lot of fun trolling nazi orators on the streets of Argeno with it. Until it gets lodged down in his throat. But that just turns him into a good singer like Bang Frosby, and Dogtag gets to sing with swing musician Benny Boodman. Boodman's in town to replace Maestro Cordo at the big national fiesta.

Somehow, this all leads to the peaceable end of the reign of the country's dictator, Malo?! I call shenanigans!

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