MC Chunk and Supersmooth

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Rap duo formed by kids Calvin (Crystal Scales) and "Juicy" Hudson (Michele Morgan) in the "Ghetto Superstars" episode (July 11, 2000) of stop-motion animated television series The PJs. Inspired by successful rapper Infamous Q.T. (real rapper Snoop Dogg), who encourages them to come audition for his label, Q.T. Records. Show protagonist Thurgood Stubbs appoints himself their manager, and screws up their audition and lies to the kids about it, resulting in a string of small time gigs like the opening a fish market. When the kids find out, they run away and find Q.T. backstage at the Hoodstock concert he's putting on. But Q.T. only puts them to work selling sodas. Stubbs manages to talk Q.T. into letting the boys perform, but they're not ready, and the crowd boos them offstage.

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