Luigi Bastianini-Hesse

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Baroque composer who emigrated to America and then back again. Based on his name he seems to be of mixed Italian and German parentage.

He wrote "When the Queen's Xylophone Resounded," which is a sly reference to WQXR-FM, a longtime New York classical music radio station. Upon arriving in New Amsterdam (the name of New York City until 1655), he composed "Three Blind Figarri" and immediately went back to Europe.

At least, according to the liner notes of the classical music parody album Baroque Americana by "The Concertgebluff Authaus Orchestra Society." The music was really by Walter Raim (of folk group The Harvesters) and Stan Green, likely released in late 1966. The liner notes were written by professional liner notist Tom Carlson.

His last name may be a reference to real opera singer Ettore Bastianini (1922-1967).

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