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Loretta Police Comics.png

Muscular Irish cleaning woman turned concert pianist in the Honeybun story of anthology comic book Police Comics #82 (September 1948). She's so Irish she even knows what a spalpeen is.

Young idiot Honeybun thinks Mother-In-Law is a great pianist (even she admits she's terrible). When he saves the life of concert director Coliantonino, he uses his favor to get her a concert performance. He keeps it a secret till the last minute.

Meanwhile, Mother-In-Law and her daughter Miggs (Honeybun's gal) discover their burly, homely cleaning woman is a whiz at classical piano.

Honeybun takes them to the concert and surprises them with the news that Mother-In-Law is to play. M.I.L. freaks, and Loretta sees her chance and takes it, wowing the audience.

Loretta says she's been playing since she was two years old, and tried for a professional concert career, but no one would hire her or take her seriously due to her looks.

Loretta's last name is never given.

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