Lisa Swan and Shock

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MacKenzie Phillips played conflicted, "million-selling new wave rocker" Lisa Swan in the "Metamorphosis" episode (21 Sept. 1979) of The Incredible Hulk.

Thanks to her sister Jackie's marketing acumen, Lisa has become a white make-uped, silver lame-wearing, KISS-meets-Pat Benatar rocker. But Lisa still pines for the days when she sang sensitive country-inflected ballads in a heavily, HEAVILY treated singing voice. All of this comes to a head when a 16-year-old girl is paralyzed after a particularly raucous rendition of Lisa's big hit, "Necktie Nightmare," sparks a riot. Feeling suicidal, Lisa drives her car into a tree, but luckily David Banner (Bill Bixby) is there to save her. Lisa hires Banner as a roadie, but after her no-good brother Greg slips some "orange sunshine" acid (in pill form) into David's OJ, Banner transforms into a stoned Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) and trashes Lisa's studio, Paragon Records. Lisa drowns her sorrows in a fifth of Raleigh Rye, then decides to end it all at her next show by electrocuting herself with the twin Van der Graaf generators that form the background of her stage set. As her band, resplendent in white face paint and short-sleeved black t-shirts with iron-on lightning bolts watch, Lisa dances ever closer to the generators. But one fortuitous hulkification later, and she's saved and back on her sensitive singer-songwriter track.