Lee Shaw

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Shaw Lee X-Venture.png

Blonde-headed swing bandleader and trumpeter from the Lester Trumble the Trouble Kid story in Victory Magazine Corp. comic book X-Venture #1 (June 1947).

All the teenaged girls of Ellenston High School are mad for him and his "magic trumpet" and have gotten him to play at the next sophomore dance. To earn money to take his date Sally to the dance, Trumble takes an errand boy job and his first task is to take Shaw's band's jackets to the cleaners. Trumble manages to lose and eventually retrieve the green plaid jackets, only to get bawled out by Shaw because they got messed up and it's too late to press them before the dance. Trumble gets Sally and her female friend Shaw fans to rush over to the band's hotel and iron them, the sexist pig.

Shaw mentions his new movie, Musical Romance.

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