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Very thinly veiled depiction of Nirvana in the "True Crime" episode of cop drama Law and Order (first aired 16 Oct. 2002). Frontman Shane Mallory killed himself before the episode (hellooo Cobain!), and his wife, Patty Voytek (an even more thinly veiled Courtney Love), turns up dead in the episode.

Band from the "True Crime" episode of television crime drama series Law and Order (10/16/2002).

Drummer Travis Jones (Stivi Paskoski) was Pete-Bested from the group and turns out to be the third part of an otherwise thinly-veiled ripped-off Courtney Love/Kurt Cobain triangle plot.

Shane Mallory (Marcel Simoneau) was the Cobain-esque character. Patty Voytek was based on Cobain's widow Courtney Love.

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