Kenneth Harvey

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Harvey Kenneth Greenwich Village.jpg

Classical composer wanna-be from the 1944 film Greenich Village.

Set in 1922 New York City, Harvey arrives from Wichita, Kansas where he was a professor of music, hoping to show his concerto to other classical composer Kavosky and get it published.

Harvey runs afoul of speakeasy owner Danny O'Mara (William Bendix), who wants to put on a Broadway-type revue. Harvey falls for one of O'Mara's singers, Bonnie Watson (Vivian Blaine) and O'Mara steals his tunes for his "Greenwich Village Gaieties" show.

Harvey's concerto is based on the melody of a real 1920s hit, "Whispering." O'Mara rewrites it into the hit song.

Played by Don Ameche.

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