Johnny Chicken

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From the 1984 comedy song "Chicken in Black" by Johnny Cash. Johnny's not feeling right so he goes to the doctor and gets a new brain. But when he goes to get his old brain back, the doc tells him, "I put your brain in a chicken last Monday. He's singing your songs and makin' lots of money. And I got him signed to a ten-year recording contract."

But if you've got ten bucks that you can blow
You ought to catch that Johnny Chicken show
He's doing fairs and concert dates all up and down the line

In the book The Resurrection of Johnny Cash: Hurt, Redemption, and American Recordings, Graeme Thompson brutally savages the song. He quotes Cash's daughter Roseanne, who described the song as "The nadir...where he was kind of mocking and dismantling his own legacy. There was an undercurrent of desperation in it. It was painful" (p.85).