Janos Cunningham

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Composer/sound artist from "The Sound Museum" track of Ken Nordine's 1957 Word Jazz album. While a cool jazz group plays in the background, Nordine narrates amusing vignettes. In this one, he guides you on a tour of the sound musuem that has "sound paintings" you can listen to.

But, let's go on because there's one work here that's been done by Janos Cunningham. This is a professor from another country, actually, but his work is revered here. We have quite a few of his works, but this particular one I want you to listen to very carefully because it has an exquisite sense of rhythm. This is a young man who has six children, and it's amazing to me that he can turn out this kind of work at home, with the children around. But he says that they help him. If you'll read it, Cunningham says "dedicated to my six children."

Well here, i'll turn it on and you can hear it for yourself. It's just beautiful. Yes, that is one work that the museum should well be proud of.

The piece is a musique concrète interlude really done by Nordine's friend Jim Cunningham, and the character's name a joke on his real name. There are several "sound paintings" played in the track, but this is the only artist mentioned by name.

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