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Jack Boniface

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Boniface Jack Shadowman.png

Jazz sax player who becomes the superhero Shadowman at night in the Valiant Comics series of the same name.


Jack Boniface, a successful jazz saxophone musician in New Orleans, meets a woman, Lydia, who drugs and does unspeakable things to him. It turns out that the Loa (voodoo spirit) Bosou Koblamin has become his maît-tête, possessing Jack and taking him over at night, resulting in Jack becoming the costumed crime-fighter Shadowman.

Publication history

Jack Boniface appeared first in X-O Manowar issue 4 (1992), and as Shadowman in Shadowman issue 1 (also 1992). He was killed off-panel before Shadowman volume 2, issue 1 (1997), making way for the reimagined "second" Shadowman from Valiant's follow-up Acclaim Comics.


Valiant's Shadowman was one of the most successful comic series of the '90s, and the most important comic series set in New Orleans. In 1993, New Orleans mayor Sidney Barthelemy officially proclaimed 17-19 January "Shadowman Day." To date, Boniface is the only fictional musician to receive this honor.

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