Indomitable Spirit

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An inspirational band of people with seemingly insurmountable handicaps playing feel good rock to high school assemblies from a sketch (10 October 1997) in the HBO comedy series Mr. Show.

Terry (Dave Cross) is the drummer with no hands or forearms, Jimbo (John Ennis) the completely armless guitar player [he uses his feet], Mickey (Jay Johnston) the flautist who is just a head, and Fran, who is a woman. But they're all actually whole and healthy. They were trying to make a point.

Then their old drummer Tommy (Bob Odenkirk), from when they were Flat Top Tony and the Purple Canoes (also the name of the episode), shows up. He actually does have one arm, and complains about being kicked out of the band for only having one arm, but he was really kicked out for being a terrible drummer.