Ilonka Badacs

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Secondary character and classical pianist from the 1897 German novel Der kraft-Mayr. Ein humoristischer musikanten-roman (The forceful[?] Mayr. A humoristic musician novel) by Ernst von Wolzogen (1855-1934).

The novel is set in Berlin in 1879.

Beside her, reclining comfortably in the corner of the sofa, her legs crossed, sat a young lady whom Florian had recently heard play at the Singakademie, Ilonka Badacs, an Hungarian pianist, who, to advertise her concert, had called herself a favorite pupil of Liszt, at which moreover Herr Mayr had really taken serious offence, for he perceived that, although she had temperament, she was unpardonably careless of her technique. Ilonka Badacs had wickedly wide, ivory-black eyes with whites of pure porcelain, a large sensual mouth, glorious teeth, a genuine Magyar cut of countenance, and a frightful quantity of powder on a complexion that was not very clear.

Real composer Franz Liszt (1811-1886) makes an appearance in the novel.

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