Antonine Prezewalski

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Handsome, small-time Polish composer, pianist, and music teacher from the 1897 German novel Der kraft-Mayr. Ein humoristischer musikanten-roman (The forceful[?] Mayr. A humoristic musician novel) by Ernst von Wolzogen (1855-1934).

The novel is set in Berlin in 1879. Prezewalski is the friend of protagonist Florian Mayr, but they get at odds over pretty music student Thekla.

"Finis Poloniae, Symphonic Poem by Antonine Prezewalski."


The piece began with several bars for the strings alone in the highest possible position. But the high notes were not, as is customary, scored in the octave below, but were written out with innumerable strokes through the note-stems. Then Liszt sat down at the piano and, leaving out the illegible introduction, played more than half the manuscript through. The work proved to be a totally impossible, mawkish hodgepodge of sounds. At last Liszt angrily slammed the cover to and declared that he would not waste his time on this talentless fellow.

Real composer Franz Liszt (1811-1886) makes an appearance in the novel.

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