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Helen Crane

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Crane Helen Witchcraft.png

Red-headed singer from the "Devil-Music!" story of horror comic book Witchcraft #1 (Mar-Apr 1952).

Twenty-five years ago, she visited an old English theatre about to be torn down. In the notorious boarded up dressing room of famous singer Mme. Santoro who disappeared mysteriously, Crane finds some hidden sheet music. She takes it home, plays it, and thus inadvertently summons Satan, here calling himself "Mr. Mammon" and calling himself Mme. Santoro's "manager." He offers her 25 years of fame if she signs the contract, but her fiance Philip Dexter tries to stop her. Angered, she flings his engagement ring at him and signs. Three minutes later Dexter is dead for no reason. Crane becomes a famous singer, and it only takes her 20 years to realize Mr. Mammon is the devil. She desperately tries to run away on the last day of her contract.

Jumping in her car, she picks up a fan, Joan Hollis, who wants to be a singer. Three minutes later, they've wrecked, Hollis is fine, but a dying Crane begs Hollis to burn the sheet music she had. But Hollis thinks she'll go home and play it first. MWAH HA HA HA!

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