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From Freakware (enhanced CD by, 1999.'s "enhanced CD" for this "fictional electronic band" won third place in the 1999 Invision Awards by New Media Magazine. Here's the now defunct company's press release about it, from wins Bronze in 1999 Invision Awards

Chicago - November 16, 1999 --, a digital strategy and design firm, was honored with the bronze award in the 1999 New Media Invision Awards. Presented by New Media Magazine, the Invision Awards honor innovative digital content creators. This year,'s work on Freakware, an enhanced CD for a fictional electronic band of the same name, placed third in the music category. designer Kevin O'Rourke and software engineers Adam Altman and Michael Tapson accepted the award at the Invision Awards Gala held November 11, 1999 at the W Hotel in San Francisco.

"We are thrilled to be recognized for this project," said Dave Ormesher, president and CEO, "This award is a testament to our team's boundless creativity."'s team used conventional tools in an unconventional way to produce Freakware, an experimental internal project. Over the span of a month in their free time, they developed and executed the complete identity for the fictional band. They fashioned the edgy band's logo, repertoire and wardrobe, and seamlessly incorporated Freakware's unique persona into a complete digital interface design.

Moving past the confines of standard click-and-play CDs, the team developed Freakware to give users a high level of interactivity. Adding functionality to typically static elements, Freakware allows users to participate fully in the music fan experience. Freakware fans can interview the band's public relations manager or mix their own electronic music through the Freakware mixer. The CD also features footage of the band during a concert performance as well a hair raising government interrogation.

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