Frankie Swoonootra

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Swoonootra Frankie Top Notch Laugh Comics.png

Frank Sinatra parody from the "Gloomy Gus the Homeless Ghost" story of comic book Liberty Comics vol. 2 #2 (#11, January 1946).

Gloomy Gus, a ghost, wants to re-inhabit a human body. St. Pete offers him this "swoon crooner all the girls are crazy about," who's about to breathe his last in a hospital. Gus inhabits his body, starts singing, and it appears Swoonootra has made a miraculous recovery.

At first Gus loves the attention. However, Swoonootra's agent, Blower, soon gets him singing, touring, and rushing around so much that Gus no longer enjoys it, and even ends up back in the hospital. There, the spirit of Frankie Swoonootra comes back and says Gus kicked him out of his body 20 minutes too soon. Gus is happy to give Swoonootra back his body. I would too, if I was only going to live for 20 more minutes.

So, I guess the real Swoonootra just dies 20 minutes later. Dang.

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