Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes

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Did you know that the Star Wars cantina band had a name? No? Then you have severely underestimated geeks, my friend. Do not let it happen again.

A plethora of info is available on this band of Bith "jizz" musicians from Clak'Dor VII: The Bith method of respiration makes them excellent wind instrument players, capable of holding a note practically indefinitely. Shortly after arriving on Tatooine, they were contracted to play exclusively for crimelord Jabba the Hutt. Unfortunately, they accepted a huge sum to secretly play rival crimelord Lady Valerian's wedding reception, figuring the money sufficient to get off Tatooine. However, after fleeing a Jabba-arranged imperial raid of the reception, the band lost their instruments gambling and ended up having to play at the Mos Eisley Cantina, to cover debts. The bar owner hid them from Jabba, but eventually he found out and as soon as the band heard, they fled the planet. While on the lam from Jabba the Hutt, they performed under the alias Bobbarine and the Wookiee Kotters until Jabba's death, which freed them to go back to their original name. They were later joined by Figrin's brother, Barquin, a kloo horn player of no small talent himself. Apparently, the soundtrack cut Cantina Band #1 is really called "Mad About Me" and "Cantina Band #2" is really called "If I Only Could Let Go and Cry."

The band's membership is Ickabel G'ont (fanfar), Lirin Car'n (kloo horn), Nalan Cheel (bandfill), Tech Mo'r (Omnibox), Tedn Dahai (fanfar), Doikk Na'ts (fizzz/Dorenian Beshniquel), and of course band leader Figrin D'an (kloo horn, gasan string drum). He is the group's leader and negotiator, but has a bad habit of losing all the group's earnings in sabacc games. He's nicknamed "Fiery Figrin" for his hot, wailing style of kloo horn playing. His brother, Barquin D'an, played briefly with The Max Rebo Band. If you're really a geek, you recall that only six aliens were playing in the cantina scene, while seven are listed here. Well sir, Lirin Car'n is the Bith seated at a table in the bar scene, he only fills in on kloo horn when Figrin switches to gasan string drum. So there.

In reality, the musicians were portrayed in the movie by Rick Baker, Phil Tippett, Jon Berg, Laine Liska, Doug Bestwick, and Tom St. Amand. The minute details come from the short story "We Don't Do Weddings: The Band's Tale" by Kathy Tyers, in the 1995 book Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina.

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