Fergus Truelips

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Court bard and poet of Irish legendary hero demi-god Finn MacCool (Fionn mac Cumhaill).

Here's a description from "The Little Brawl at Almhain," a tale collected and published in 1892, in Silva Gadelica:

Fergus Truelips, Finn's poet and the Fianna's, rose and before Finn son of Cumall sang the songs and lays and sweet poems of his ancestors and forbears. With the rarest of all rich and costly things Finn and Ossian, Oscar and mac Lughach, rewarded the bard wondrously ; whereat he went on to Goll mac Morna and in front of him recited the bruidhne or "Forts," the toghla or "Destructions," the tana or "Cattle-liftings" the "tochmarca" or "Wooings," of his elders and progenitors: by operation of which artistic efforts the sons of Morna grew jovial and of good cheer.

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