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Eric and Godfrey

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Eric and Godfrey Tippy Teen.jpg

English rock duo from the "Sign-us Trouble" story of Tower Comics comic book Tippy Teen #6 (July 1966).

Tippy and Go-Go are mad for them, to the frustration of their boyfriends Tommy and Animal. The boyfriends use a connection to get backstage to get autographs to impress the girls, but in exchange, Eric and Godfrey insist the boys disguise them selves as the band and act as decoys so they can get away from the fans. In a much, much-used 1960s comic book rock band gag, the band's Beatle-esque hairdos are just wigs.

Tommy and Animal get thrashed by the fans, then thrashed again when they're discovered to be fakes. Just when they think they can impress the girls with the autographs, the girls announce they just won a radio contest and get to go on a date with the band.

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