Edward Randall

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Protagonist, talented amateur pianist, and confirmed thirty-five-year-old bachelor from the 1896 short story "The Masked Singer" in Miss Ayr of Virginia, & other stories by Julia Magruder. He does little musically in the story except appreciate the singing of his beautiful neighbor Bianca May. He assumes she is the masked singer he sees in the street, but she sings with a weird edge in her voice that puts him off. So he's glad when he discovers that the masked street singer was actually Bianca's mother, Mrs. May.

After lunch there was a general demand that Mr. Randall should play to them, and rather more obligingly than usual he yielded to the request, and, going to the piano, he began with certain powerful chords and impressive pauses, that soon compelled the company to perfect silence and attention. He was a fine musician, and quite accustomed to having his playing treated deferentially, but he did not often take the trouble to play to people as he was playing now. His audience had expected something light and brilliant, and instead of that it was only sacred music that he played harmonies and masses from the great masters of old, with an improvised arrangement and connection of his own.

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