Deacon Dark

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Real pop star and former U.S. Representative (R, CA from 1994 'till his untimely death in a 1998 skiing accident) Sonny Bono portrays this Alice Cooper slash KISS-style rocker in the "Murder on the High Seas/Sounds of Silence/Cyrano de Bricker" episode (17 March 1979) of that guest star-studded television series, The Love Boat. After his performance of "Smash It," cruise ship Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod) says, "He's no Jerry Vale."

Dark falls in love with a deaf girl and sings her a sappy love song, "Now That I Found Sarah." Sellout! Booo! Hisss!

Dark's manager was played by Arte Johnson.

Cruise ship's purser Gopher expressed enthusiasm for "Screaming Voodoo Devil Boogie Woman" and "Step, Step, Step on Toads." He then says "I have all of Deacon's albums," making it unclear if those are song titles or album titles.

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