David Fuller

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Fuller David Young Romance.png

Young composer from the "When a Puppy Love Grows Up" story of romance comic book Young Romance vol. 3, no. 5 (#17, January 1950).

He's been dating cold-hearted Helen Richards, but she only wants a successful man. She dumps him hard, and her sympathetic sister Ruth picks up his pieces three years later. She re-awakes his love of music, and gets him to finish his symphony L'Amour, and dumps all her savings into a performance of it. When it's a success, guess who's back? That's right, Helen. David's been carrying a torch for her all this time, and they get back together. Heartbroken Ruth goes to a resort to put her life back together, but is injured in a horse-riding accident.

In her hospital room, Helen says David has lost his spark, and wants Ruth to come work her magic. Helen rightfully refuses, but David overhears, and breaks up with Helen to have Ruth. Then, in a stunning moment for a romance comic, Ruth rejects David! She's "free" and ready for her own future, leaving David and Helen to their own devices.

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