Darlene McBride

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Rabidly right-wing and hideously over-makeuped female country singer and recurring character from MADtv. Played by Nicole Sullivan. She has appeared in at least seven sketches:

  • "Darlene McBride" (10/04/1997)
  • "Darlene McBride Tour" (11/22/97) in which she launches her "Take Back America Tour"
  • "Darlene McBride Valentine's Album" (first aired 7 Feb. 1998)
  • "Darlene McBride's Mother's Day Special" (first aired 9 May 1998)
  • "Darlene McBride's Thanksgiving" (first aired 21 Nov. 1998)
  • "Darlene McBride's X-mas Album" (20 Nov. 1999)
  • "Marshall McBride LP" (first aired 14 April 2001) which is her tribute to fellow hatemonger and rapper Eminem complete with a parody of his song "Stan."

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