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Dandelion Naizen

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Singer/songwriter/Viking-hater Dandelion Naizen leads an unnamed rock quartet of sci-fi weirdos in the Joss Whedon-written, Fábio Moon-drawn webcomic Sugarshock! It was published as part of MySpace Dark Horse Presents, Dark Horse Comics' collaboration with MySpace (remember them?) that debuted in the summer of 2007. It won the 2008 Eisner Award for best webcomic.

The Sugarshock! story was published in a dead-tree version in 2009.

In the issue, her band loses the South Fairville Hormer's Shrimp 'n' Taco Rock-Off to a solo singer-songwriter named Sensitive Guy.


  • Dandelion Naizen, vocals and guitar
  • L'Lihdra, guitar
  • Robot Phil (an actual robot), bass
  • Wade (real name: Androuthenyss, an alien princess), drums

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