Conrad Birdie

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Rock 'n' roll star from the 1960 Broadway musical and later 1963 film Bye Bye Birdie. Conrad Birdie (Dick Gautier on Broadway, Jesse Pearson in the movie) was an Elvis parody with some Conway Twitty thrown in (i.e., his name), centering on the title character's being drafted for the army.

The skimpy plot revolves around a promotional stunt of picking a girl to give Conrad his "One Last Kiss" (with song of the same name) before he goes into service. Obviously, the writers forgot about the many brothels that gladly open their doors and orifices to our boys in uniform.

The songs were written by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams.

There was amazingly, also a 1981 Broadway musical sequel, Bring Back Birdie! Apparently, the Army totally killed Birdie's career and he disappeared. His old manager tries to track him down 18 years later to appear on a Grammy awards telecast.

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