Cnu Dereoil

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Irish faery dwarf bard from the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology. Oisín/Ossian and Caílte mac Rónáin praise him. Finn MacCool/Fionn mac Cumhaill just happens to come across him, and he becomes Finn's bard.

Cailte claims Cnu had to leave the faery realm because all the other faery musicians grew jealous of Cnu's talent.

His name means "little nut" (sometimes spelled Deireoil or Dieroil). His wife was Blathnaid.

From "The Dialogue of Oisin and Patrick" (1856 translation):

Little Cnu, Cnu of my heart,

The small dwarf who belonged to Fionn;

When he chaunted tunes and songs.

He put us into deep slumbers.

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