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Claude WaitTilYourFatherGetsHome.jpg

Title character in "The Hippie" episode (26 September 1972) of odd, forgotten, adult animated television series Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (1972-1974).

Son Chet Boyle (David Hayward) brings home this acoustic guitar strumming, bespectacled layabout with a lumpy white-boy afro. Dad Harry (Tom Bosley) quickly tires of Claude's mooching ways and bad singing, but doesn't want to cause a rift with his son by kicking Claude out. This leads to shenanigans to drive Claude (no last name given) away that don't work.

In the end, a chance encounter with a local TV news reporter gets Claude a job offer at the TV station writing ad jingles for $25,000 a year (hey, that's good money in 1972). Claude jumps at the chance, leaving the house, and leaving Chet disillusioned by his friend's sellout.

At the very beginning of the episode we hear Claude's electic guitar noodlings that aren't bad, but after that, it's all terrible acoustic ditties.

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