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Artist Sonny Smith created this art project in 2010. Smith invited artists to create album covers for fictional bands. Smith then "concocted the personas" and recorded both an A side and B side for each band. The show ran at Gallery 16 in San Francisco from April to May 2010.

Partial List

  • Don Adoraé - "If You Don't Make a Change" and "You're the Vessel to my Every Dream"
  • The Beach Ticks
  • Merriweather Bradley - "Medication" and "Two Dipsticks in Love"
  • Jackie "Dew Drop" Brevette - "Destroy Mankind"
  • Earth Girl Helen Brown - "Space Travel's in My Blood," "I Wanna Do It," "Girls of My Dreams"
  • Brian's Beats - "Night Beat"
  • Cabezas Cortades - "Teenage Thugs"
  • Carol Darger with the Concrete Prairie Band
  • Hank Champion - "From Dud to Stud, From Zero to Hero," "Broke Artist," and "I Walk the Streets, Richest Man Who Ever Lived"
  • Robert Chuffley - "Ain't No Turnin' Back"
  • Durango Dexter - "Del Rio Prayer for a Dying Dog"
  • Danny Dusk & The Twilights - "Life Ain't Clear"
  • Bobby Hawkins - "Minimum Wage" and "Difficulties, Mistakes and Errors"
  • Jackie Feathers - "Year of the Cock"
  • Jackie Feathers and Carol Darger - "Apache Rock"
  • Fuckaroos - "Cosmorama" and "I Miss the Jams"
  • Little Antoine & The Sparrows - "A Steady Stream of Love" and "Do I Remember Me?"
  • The Loud Fast Fools - "Time to Split"
  • Terry and Ronnie Russel - "Moki Canyon"
  • S.E. Land Otter Champs - "Wolf Like Howls From the Bathhouse"
  • Hazel Shep - "Some Women Artists All Around Town" and "Canyon Manor Rehab"
  • Sonny & The Sunsets - "Planet of Women"
  • Zig Speck & The Specktones - "Fruitcakes" and "One Time Doomsday Trip to Nowhere"
  • Teen Age Thugs "Cabezas Cortadas"
  • The Transients
  • Versatile Kyle - "Sick Girl"
  • The Wayward Youth - "Half Boy Half Girl," "Broom & Dustpan," and "Garbage Storm"


  • Gallery 16 released a 7-inch box of twelve prints by selected artists and a 16 track CD of the related songs, entitled Sonny Smith: 100 Records Project Volume 1. (2010)
  • 100 Records Vol. 2 (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
  • 100 Records Vol. 3 (Polyvinyl Record Co., 2013)

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