Bruno Frayne

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Frayne Bruno Love Confessions.png

Classical composer from the "Sweetheart Concerto" story of romance comic book Love Confessions #2 (December 1949). He and amateur Nina Dale bump into each other at the Deschamps School of Music. They hit it off, and Dale inspires Frayne to compose "The Sweetheart Concerto." He's a composer, but not a great pianist. But attractive young rich Caroline Renfrew, who's "very influential with the Symphonic Society" takes a shine to Frayne. She gets his composition on the program, but insists he perform it himself. This leads to lots of rehearsing with her, and Renfrew puts the moves on him, seducing him away from Dale.

The concert goes terribly, Renfrew immediately dumps Frayne, Frayne begs Dale's forgiveness, and she picks up his pieces.

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