Brendan Poppins and the Chimminy Sweeps

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The Sweeps (and their roadie Coach McGuirk) do their best Beatles impersonation

Rock trio featured in the "Guitarmageddon" episode of the animated TV series Home Movies (first aired 27 Oct. 2002).

Well, that's one of three possible names for the band. Brendan Small (guitar) liked this name, while Melissa Robbins (drums) wanted The Surprisers and Jason (bass) Panopolis/Penopolis/Popodopolis/Penopopolis [seriously writers, pick a spelling and stick with it] was pulling for The Chocolate Factory. This triggered an argument in which two additional names were proposed: The Jasons and Melissa and the Other Two. Melissa then decided to go solo under the name The Chocolate Factory.

Regardless of their name, their only song is the sublimely annoying "Freaky, Outie."