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Smooth jazz female pianist and vocalist from the "DJ George" episode (April 16, 2012) of the animated children's television series, Curious George, loosely based on the famous children's books.

The whole episode is about George and the man with the yellow hat winning tickets to her concert from a radio trivia contest during a Bonnie Smooth marathon. In a bizarre turn, the radio station DJ is Howlin' Hal, a knockoff of well-known rock and roll pioneering DJ Wolfman Jack. Why a rocker type like Hal is DJing a smooth jazz show, where the DJs are more likely to sound like golf announcers, is inexplicable. George locks himself in the DJ booth by accident and has to be guided through running the show.

Bonnie shows up at the end of the episode and plays a song on the piano on air with George. Bonnie is voiced by real jazz singer Keely Smith.

One of her instrumentals is called "Sassafras Serenade"

Her favorite snack is raisins.

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