Black Rainbow

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Example band for the "CD and DVD Packaging" chapter of D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself: A Design Handbook by Ellen Lupton, 2006

Their demo CD is Hush Little Troll. They also make a DVD of their March 10, 2004 live show at Greenpoint, NYC as a promo mailer to record labels. DVD Tracks:

  • "Pegacorn of Froth"
  • "Magic Pouch"
  • "Purple Zombies"
  • "Ice Volcano"
  • "Plain of Gadamere"
  • "Hush Troll/Troglodye Medley"
  • "Witty Banter"
  • "Stop Me If You Think That You've..."


  • Shane, singer
  • Janet, guitar
  • Dirk, drums

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