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DC Comics' 2015 reboot of super-heroine Black Canary turns Dinah Drake into D.D., a homeless street kid raised by a martial arts expert. She turns her mutant sonic scream power to good use singing in the local Burnside area of Gotham City band Ashes on Sunday, and then is lured away by A&B records into fronting a new band called Black Canary.

The band was originally called Alias Insane and fronted by Maeve Tavara, who was booted from the band in favor of D.D.


  • D.D., lead vocals
  • Lord Byron, drums
  • Paloma Terrific, keyboards
  • Ditto, mute guitar prodigy

Their gigs tend to end badly, as D.D.'s powers damage the venues, and in Detroit they are attacked by demons from another dimension who are minions of The Quietus.

In Spring of 2016, DC released an actual Black Canary three-song EP, EP 1, with the tracks "Fish Out of Water," "Old World," and "The Man With the X-Ray Eyes" (a Bauhaus cover). This was followed by the imaginatively titled EP2 in 2017. Both are available on Black Canary's Bandcamp site.

2016 Tour dates

  • 3/2 Burnside, Gotham – Sound Central
  • 3/9 Metropolis – Radio Theatre
  • 3/11 Detroit – The Wizard’s Wand
  • 3/14 Central City – Subculture
  • 3/15 Keystone City – Locks & Rocks
  • 3/18 Fairfield – The Liquid Room
  • 3/23 Happy Harbor – Music Hall
  • 3/25 New Carthage – Club Cubic

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