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From the "Bizarro-Jimmy, Rock-'N'-Roll Star!" story of comic book Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #87 (September 1965).

Wow, they don't write 'em like this anymore. News photographer Jimmy Olsen is confronted by his imperfect duplicate, Bizarro-Jimmy No. 1, who kicks in his TV set as a friendly greeting and has come to earth to report on something for the folks back on Bizarro World. Somehow, they come up with a convoluted plan for Jimmy to dress up as Bizarro-Jimmy and rock out bizarro-style on TV show Hullabashin. They agree this will be a disaster, which is what Bizarro-Jimmy wants. The wacky backward bizarro folk in the Superman universe do everything backward, see? Olsen performs standing on his head, releases a cloud of live flies, and smashes his guitar (you're way ahead of the curve, Jimmy!). But his performance is a hit, sparking a bizarro beat craze, and Bizarro-Jimmy returns to Bizarro World in shame, punished for "his" success with a raise and promotion. Guh?

Lyrics: "Please hate me, little girl! Then me be happy, little girl! Me glad you so ugly, little girl!"

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