Bitch Alice

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Fictional singer in the punk-like "Wrack & Roll" music genre from the science fiction novel Wrack & Roll by Bradley Denton (1986).

She's the first celebrity sent to the moon to boost public interest and support for America's space program. This goes horribly awry when an accident strands her on the moon facing certain death. Her last words, sent live to the world, are a vindictive "Trash Dallas" (where the space program is located). Her fans do just that, setting back the American space program decades.

Her daughter, known as The Bastard Child (really Lieza Galieli) is the leader of Wracker band Blunt Instrument.

Some of her song titles:

  • "Tomorrow is the Day"
  • "The Learned One"
  • "Jack and Jackie"
  • "Cause Trouble"
  • "Wooden Horse"
  • "Domestic Surveillance"
  • "Pure-Eth-Chevy-Nuclear-Blast-Over-Kansas-City-Blues"
  • "Under the Monument"
  • "Get Your Own Damn Tomato Juice"
  • "Race You to Hell"